About Us

Welcome to MiracleCorp Products. We are  proud of our 40 year heritage of equipping our customers with visionary, premium products available at a fair value. MiracleCorp is a leading provider of premium products uniquely tailored for pets and their owners. Our commitment to innovation, quality, care and continued growth are key elements on which we are grounded.

With a combined offering of over 7,000 SKUs, MiracleCorp and its wholly owned subsidiaries’ offer an array of products including health and beauty aids, grooming tools, collars, leashes, halters, leads, food,  functional treats, supplements, safety and agility flooring, and other innovative products. Our brands include, among others, Miracle Care®, Hamilton®, Stewart®, ARC veterinary products and Group Summit flooring products.

Each year, our products are purchased by millions of consumers and are sold worldwide through major pet store chains, catalogs, web-stores and primary distributors.

For more information on all of our products,  visit our brand websites at:

We appreciate the many letters and emails received from our consumers telling us how much our products are enjoyed by both our human and animal friends, and we are committed to continue to provide the service and quality that our customers have grown to expect over the past 40 years.