Cat Products




Hamilton™ Collars, Leashes, Harnesses

We understand that the inquisitive and playful personalities of most kittens and cats call for products to be designed with quality and safety  first.  Our design team uses only the highest quality durable snag-proof nylon webbing, thread and hardware to produce the Hamilton line of cat products.  All of our collars are designed with the highest regard for the safety.

Safety cat collars come in two styles, the breakaway, which feature a special clasp that releases when enough pressure is applied, and the elastic band, which stretches to allow for escape should an animal become entangled. Hamilton cat collars also provide an excellent place to hang an id tag which could prove invaluable in being reunited with a lost pet.









Stewart® Food and Treats

Stewart® Fiber Formula® cat treats were developed by an innovative veterinarian in response to pet owner’s desire to provide treats to cats with special dietary needs.  As concerned pet owners ourselves, we understand this desire and have been providing treats in support of therapeutic diets for decades.  In fact, Stewart has been a leading supplier of quality food products within the veterinarian and consumer retail markets for over 40 years.   Fiber Formula® Cat Treats match up nutritionally with therapeutic pet foods veterinarians dispense for cats with problems like hairballs, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and urinary tract disease.  Stewart® Flavor Enhancer contains only one ingredient, 100% pure chicken liver.  Sprinkled on food to increase palatability and stimulate appetites for even the finickiest of eaters and has proven to be a must have item for any pet products store.


  • Veterinarian Products9330_packagewithtreats72

    • Stewart® Fiber Formula Cat






  • Flavor Enhancersflavorenhancer

    • Stewart® 100% Liver Flavor Enhancer








istock_000003363287smallMiracle Care® Premium Care

Miracle Care is our signature line of premium products for care and health remedies. From shampoos and skin treatments, to health remedies and supplements,  our products have been the professional’s choice for over 40 years, and are a favorite with groomers, breeders and pet owners for their high quality and superior results.













  • Nail and Paw Care kwikstopcat

    • Kwik Stop® Styptic Powder, Gel and Wipes
    • Liquid Bandage
    • Nail Care Groomer’s Kit



  • First Aid for Cats and Dogsfirst-aid-group-72dpi

    • First Aid Kits
    • Kwik Stop® Styptic Powder, Gel and Wipes
    • Liquid Bandage
    • Wound Care Spray
    • Anti-Itch Spray
    • Hot Spot and Skin Soothing Spray
    • Anti-Septic Spray and Wipes
    • Anti-diarrhea liquid
  • Natural Remedies450625-i-tummysootheforcats450675-i-urisootheforcats4oz

    • Urinary Remedies
    • Digestive Irregularity Remedies




  • Supplementsvionate-group-72dpi

    • Miracle Eyes™ Oral Supplement for Tear Stain Removal
    • Vionate® Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
    • CatGrass® Natural Grass






Miracle Care™ Grooming Tools

Miracle Care™ grooming tools have a proud heritage of providing innovative, solutions driven products that are used by millions of pet professionals and consumers worldwide.  Our commitment to premium quality and care are key elements which lead to such innovative grooming solutions as the QuickFinder® Electronic Safety Nail Clippers.  Our grooming tools are sold globally through major pet store chains, internet stores, catalogs and primary distributors.

  • Nail and Paw3483-i-qfcat-300-copy

    • QuickFinder® Electronic Safety Nail Clipper
    • QuickFinder® deluxe™ Electronic Safety Nail Clipper
    • Nail Shaper™
    • Traditional Nail Clippers
    • Ball Tipped Shears




  • Skin and Coatdoggroomingtools

    • Shedding Tools
    • Brushes and Combs
    • De-Matting Tools
    • Accessories