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Hamilton® Collars, Leashes, Harnesses

From our shoe grade eyelets, designer fashion and specialty color palette,  only the highest quality durable nylon webbing, thread and hardware are used to produce the Hamilton line. Our hand-crafted leather items are made from the finest vegetable-tanned hides. This ensures our valued customers products that have a long, dependable life.








  • Training and Specialty Itemspackaging

    • Walk With Me™ Head Harness
    • Retractable Leashes
    • Training Leashes
    • Nylon and Chain Slip Collars
    • Prong Collars
    • QuickWalker™ Multi-Purpose Leashes
    • Braided and Show Leashes
    • Couplers
  • Sport and Hunting Items


    • Safe-rite™ Adjustable Collars
    • Extended D Collars and Leashes
    • Safe-Rite™ Tape Collars
    • Plastic Coated Single Thick Collars
    • Sporting Leashes


stewartdogforwebStewart® Food and Treats

Stewart specialty food and treats has a proud 40 year history of providing  the highest quality, natural products to veterinarians, pet professionals and consumers.  Stewart® Raw Naturals frozen dog food provides complete nutrition for every stage of your dogs life. Prepared with whole meats, fruits and vegetables and cold process pasteurized to retain the natural nutrients that are so beneficial in a healthy lifestyle. Stewart® Raw Naturals freeze dried dog food combines the goodness of whole meats, fruits and vegetables into a healthy, all natural food that dogs are certain to love! For 40 years, Stewart® Treats have been recognized for being nutritionally superior and guaranteed delicious.  From our “Blue Buckets” of 100% pure freeze dried  Pro-Treat® to veterinarian developed recipes, Stewart® incorporates functionality with natural ingredients produced safely in USDA inspected facilities.






  • Baked and Extruded Dog Treats

    • stewart obey training treats for dogsPro-Treat® OBEY Training Treats




  • Flavor Enhancersflavorenhancer

    • Stewart® 100% Liver Flavor Enhancer



  • Veterinarian Products

    • Stewart® Raw Science™ Freeze Dried Dog Food
    • Stewart® Lamb and Rice Dog Biscuits
    • Stewart® Fiber Formula Dog Biscuits






corgi-bathMiracle Care® Premium Care

Miracle Care® is our signature line of premium products for care and health remedies. From shampoos and skin treatments, to health remedies and supplements,  our products have been the professional’s choice for over 40 years, and are a favorite with groomers, breeders and pet owners for their high quality and superior results.



  • Skin and Coat Careskin-and-coat-care-72dpi

    • Shampoos
    • Conditioners
    • Solutions Driven Sprays
    • Skin Care With Tea Tree


  • Dental Careoxy-dental-group-72dpi

    • Oxy-Dental™ Oral Spray
    • Oxy-Dental™ Oral Wipes







  • Ear Careear-care-group-72dpi

    • Ear Cleaner
    • Ear Cleaner Pads
    • Drying Creme
    • Resin Powder
    • Ear Mite Control
    • Natural Ear Soothe


  • Eye Careeye-care-group-72dpi

    • Miracle Eyes™ Oral Supplement for Tear Stain Removal
    • Tear Stain Pads
    • Sterile Eye Wash
    • Cleansing Wipes
    • Eye Drops



  • Nail and Paw Care423701-i-kwikstopgroomerkit

    • Kwik Stop® Styptic Powder, Gel and Wipes
    • Paw Soothing Ointment
    • Liquid Bandage
    • Nail Care Groomer’s Kit



  • First Aidfirst-aid-group-72dpi

    • First Aid Kits
    • Kwik Stop® Styptic Powder, Gel and Wipes
    • Liquid Bandage
    • Wound Care Spray
    • Anti-Itch Spray
    • Hot Spot and Skin Soothing Spray
    • Hot Spot Lotion
    • Anti-Septic Spray and Wipes
    • Anti-diarrhea liquid
  • Natural Remediesdogsoothegroup

    • Topical Skin and Allergy Remedies
    • Topical Ear Irritations Remedies
    • Digestive Irregularity Remedies



  • Supplementsmiracleeyes2ozgroup

    • Miracle Eyes™ Oral Supplement for Tear Stain Removal
    • Vionate® Vitamin and Mineral Supplements




Miracle Care™ Grooming Tools

Miracle Care™ grooming tools have a proud heritage of providing innovative, solutions driven products that are used by millions of pet professionals and consumers worldwide.  Our commitment to premium quality and care are key elements which lead to such innovative grooming solutions as the QuickFinder® and QuickFinder® deluxe™ Electronic Safety Nail Clippers.  Our grooming tools are sold globally through major pet store chains, internet stores, catalogs and primary distributors.

  • Nail and Pawqfwithnailshaper

    • QuickFinder® Electronic Safety Nail Clipper
    • QuickFinder® deluxe™ Electronic Safety Nail Clipper
    • Nail Shaper™
    • Traditional Nail Clippers
    • Ball Tipped Shears
  • Skin and Coatdoggroomingtools

    • Shedding Tools
    • Brushes and Combs
    • De-Matting Tools
    • Accessories

Group Summit® Kennel and Agility Flooring

Group Summit® flooring provides durable, resilient surfaces for dog play, agility practice and competition while allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. The anti-fatigue qualities of our Bulldog® mat helps to reduce stress on the joints and muscles of pets and their caretakers, and the superior traction of rubber flooring is unequaled. From kennel and daycare facilities to canine agility courses Summit mats are an ideal choice.

  • Canine Flooringcanine

    • Obedience Area Flooring
    • Agility Area Flooring
    • Kennel Flooring
    • Daycare and Puppy Area Flooring