Dog Food, Treats and Flavor Enhancers



Logo_ShareYourLoveFLAT_0313Stewart® Specialty Dog Food and Treats has been a leading supplier of quality food products within the consumer retail and veterinarian markets for over 40 years.  Pro-Treat® freeze dried liver treats are believed to be not only the oldest, but largest selling 100% liver freeze dried treats on the market.  In fact, the widely recognized Pro-Treat Blue Bucket® has been dubbed “The original freeze dried treat”.  Our leading position in freeze fried treats has poised Stewart to become the leader in the natural specialty food market, one of the largest growing segments within the pet food industry today.  Stewart specialty dog foods are designed as fresh, raw, natural and are positioned as super premium quality. Raw Naturals™ Fresh-to-Home recipes offer complete and balanced nutrition with the widely recognized benefits of a raw diet.  We understand the responsibility that being a food provider requires a complete commitment to the quality and safety of the products we produce.  Stewart products are proudly made in the USA using the highest quality materials and adhere to a strict safety protocol ensuring that our customers receive the safest food and treats on the market.

  • Specialty Dog Food

    • Raw Naturals™ Raw Frozen Dog Food
    • Raw Naturals™ Raw Freeze Dried Dog Food
  • Frozen Dog Treats

    • Pro-Treat® Raw Ground Frozen Bones
    • Pro-Treat® Healthy Licks™ Frozen Treat Cups
  • Freeze Dried Treats

    • Pro-Treat® 100% Pure Liver Treats For Dogs
    • Pro-Treat® Plus Dog Treats
    • Pro-Treat® Raw Naturals™ Dog Treats
    • Pro-Treat® Blends For Dogs
    • Pro-Treat® 100% Pure Liver Ferret Treats
  • Baked and Extruded Dog Treats

    • Pro-Treat® Natural Biscuits
    • Pro-Treat® Dental Treats
    • Pro-Treat® OBEY Training Treats
  • Flavor Enhancers For Dogs And Cats

    • Stewart® 100% Liver Flavor Enhancer for dogs and cats
  • Veterinarian Products

    • Stewart® Raw Science™ Freeze Dried Dog Food
    • Stewart® Lamb and Rice Dog Biscuits
    • Stewart® Fiber Formula Dog Biscuits
    • Stewart® Fiber Formula Cat Treats