Dog Grooming Tools

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Miracle Care® grooming tools have a proud heritage of being innovative, solutions driven products available at the best value to our customers.  From our ergonomically designed handles to our ice tempered surgically sharp shears, our commitment to premium quality design and construction are key elements on which the Miracle Care brand was founded.  Today, we further our heritage with leading edge products like QuickFinder®, the electronic safety nail clipper and The Nail Shaper™ finishing tool.

Care Solutions are segmented into the following specialties:

  • Nail and Paw Care Tools

    • QuickFinder® Electronic Safety Clippers
    • QuickFinder® deluxe™ Electronic Safety Clippers
    • Nail Shaper™ Nail Finishing Tool
  • Grooming Tools

    • Flea Combs
    • Contoured Handle Combo Comb
    • Small and Medium Grooming Combs
    • Wire Pin Brushes
    • Comfort Tip Brushes
    • Double sided Brushes
    • Rubber Curry Brush
    • De-matting Comb
    • Graduated Tooth Grooming Rakes
  • Shedding Tools

    • Shedding Blades
    • Open Handle, Double Sided Shedding Blade
    • Slicker Brushes
  • Accessory Products

    • Non-Slip Grooming Mats
    • Grooming Mitts
    • Hair and Lint Rollers