Group Summit Flooring

featuredimagesummitgroupsummit-copySummit Flexible Products is a leader in rubber flooring, paving bricks, and riding surfaces within the equine and dairy industries.  In addition, we are a major supplier of safety flooring in canine, home fitness, recreational sport and cardio-fitness markets where we have fast become a leading provider to martial arts schools across America.

Summit Flexible Products was a pioneering innovator in the manufacture of products from recycled materials for use in barn maintenance. Our efforts have also enabled us to become a trusted and valued source for rubber and plastic safety flooring and athletic surfaces.  Through our years of growth we have risen to being Official Supplier to the Olympics and to the Amateur Athletic Union and are proud to call ourselves The Floor Store.”

Group Summit flooring solutions are segmented into the following specialties:

  • Equine Flooring

    • Stall Flooring
    • Aisle Flooring
    • Trailer Mats
    • Wash Rack Flooring
    • Arena and Pen Flooring
  • Bovine Flooring

    • Parlor Flooring
    • Stall Flooring
    • Alley and Aisle Flooring
  • Canine Flooring

    • Obedience Area Flooring
    • Agility Area Flooring
    • Kennel Flooring
    • Daycare and Puppy Area Flooring
  • Human Flooring

    • Athletic Area and Weight Room Flooring
    • Equipment Room Flooring
    • Entry Flooring
    • Wet Area Flooring

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