The patented QuickFinder®  and QuickFinder® deluxe™ electronic safety nail clippers use QuickSensor® technology to sense a pet’s quick giving lighted visual clues when it is safe to clip, when to be cautious, and when not to clip.


Red for STOP – Don’t clip

Yellow for CAUTION

Green for GO – Okay to clip


How QuickSensor™ technology works


The patented QuickSensor (fig. 1) detects the changes in frequencies in a pet’s nail due to sensing of the blood vessels and nerve endings in the quick. When the blood vessels or nerve endings are detected, the red light will illuminate.

As the QuickFinder® is moved slowly toward the tip of the nail, the light will change to yellow (caution) and finally to green – safe to cut.



QuickFinder® is available in four sizes to suit any size dog, cat or small animal




quickfinder deluxe

QuickFinder® deluxe™

For large dogs, or dogs with hard nails, the QuickFinder deluxe is ideal for both home and professional use.  Sturdy scissor style construction with ergonomic soft grip handles is comfortable and easy to use without hand fatigue making this the perfect tool for groomers.







QuickFinder® For Medium Dogs

For medium sized dogs up to 75 lbs.  The Quickfinder for medium dogs takes the fear out of nail trimming making it a more comfortable experience for both your customer and their pet.  The QuickFinder is intended for home use.







QuickFinder® For Small Dogs

For small sized dogs up to 40 lbs.







QuickFinder® For Cats and Small Animals

Ideal for trimming the nails of cats, ferrets, rabbits and other small animal pets.






We are proud that the QuickFinder® family of products has won numerous awards and continue to be best sellers within the Miracle Care total nail and paw care category.