Small Animal Products


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Care and Treat Products

According to the APPA National Pet Owners Survey,  there are approximately 16 million small animals kept as pets in the United States.  MiracleCorp has responded to this increasing “pocket pet” market demand with a line of small animal products which include premium care products and treats. Backed by 40 years of excellence within the pet industry, MiracleCorp brands are known for unwavering quality and solutions driven innovative designs.




  • Stewart® Treatspro-treatferretgroup

    • Pro-Treat® 100% Pure Liver Treats for Ferrets




  • Miracle Care™ Premium Care Products


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      >First Aid Products423701-i-kwikstopgroomerkit

      • Kwik-Stop® Styptic Powder with Benzocaine®
      • Miracle Care™ First Aid Kit
      • Miracle Care™ Sterile Eye Wash






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    >Grooming Products3483-i-qfcat-300-copy

    • QuickFinder® Electronic Safety Nail Clipper
    • Grooming Mitt
    • Brushes and Combs
    • Accessories




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    • Vionate® Vitamin Mineral Powder