QuickFinder on NBC Today

1:53 pm

QuickFinder electronic safety nail clipper was a featured pet product on the October 12, 2009 “Today’s Pet” segment of the NBC Today Show.  The show profiled time saving pet gadgets.

NBC Correspondent Andrea Arden demonstrated the QuickFinder while discussing the importance of nail clipping to an animal’s hygiene.  Andrea stated “[the blood vessel called the quick] is the reason why a lot of people are so worried about clipping their dog’s nails or their cat’s nails, but [clipping is] so important in regards to being a responsible pet parent.  This is great!  It has a quick-finder in it that senses where the blood flow is.  When you put it up against the dog or cat’s nails it will tell you green if you can clip and red if you can’t.” (more…)